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April 5, 2023

Why should I use just one insurance agent for all my needs?

That’s a great question, and one we get asked often. One important thing to remember is that insurance is designed for your protection and peace of mind. The last thing it should do is make life complicated. That’s why we recommend working with one trusted, experienced, and local insurance provider for all your insurance needs.

When you have one agent overseeing all your business and personal insurance policies – for everything from risk management and liability at work, to your coastal, or second home – it makes life easier, and it might save you money on premiums too. 

All you need is one great insurance agent. Here’s our top five reasons why. 

You’ll get personalized attention
When you have an agent you know in your corner, you’ll worry less about the matter at hand, and be more confident that you’ll get the time and the attention you need. With one insurance agent handling all your policies, you’ll have more opportunities to work together, and that level of communication can help your agent tailor your insurance policies to perfectly fit your needs. 

It can help you save money
No matter what insurance policies you need, whether it’s business, auto, life, disability, health, personal property, or other types, you can keep them together and managed successfully with one insurance company. This can save you money, as many carriers offer discounts if you bundle insurance policies. You may be eligible for loyalty points and other incentives, too.  

It will save you time
If you’ve ever been in a car accident, you know that time moves fast. In a matter of minutes, you’re likely to be calling your insurance agent to start a claim. When you have one agent handling all your policies, you’ll only need one phone number to get the process going. If you have several carriers, you could waste valuable time searching for the right person to call. 

You’ll work with a local expert with extensive knowledge
A skilled insurance agent can handle multiple types of policies and has comprehensive, thorough knowledge of insurance. They know the ins-and-outs of the industry and are on top of current insurance trends and legislation. For example, if you own a vacation home on the water and need coastal homeowner’s insurance, a local agent who specializes in the varied rules for all states, coast-to-coast, can act quickly on your behalf. 

Can you imagine calling your insurance company for support after your beachfront home has been damaged by a hurricane, only to reach a call center? If you have one trusted insurance agent handling your policies, you’d know who to call in the event of coastal weather and get the help you need fast. 

You’ll have peace of mind
It feels good knowing every aspect of your life that needs protection, from your home, to business, income, to health, is managed by a trusted, experienced insurance agent.   

At Roehr Insurance Agency, our agents are committed to delivering personalized, prompt service for all your insurance needs. Wherever your life leads you, whether you’re touching down for travel, investing in a new business or second home, we’re here in Cincinnati to help keep you safe and protected. 

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