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April 5, 2023

Should I choose an independent or a captive insurance agent?

For some people, navigating insurance policies is a balancing act. For example, the car insurance policy may be with one carrier, but the homeowners insurance policy is with another.

If you can relate, you’re certainly not alone. Many people dance between different insurance agents, known as captive agents, for their insurance policies instead of letting an independent agent handle all of them.

Often, it’s because they didn’t know about the different types of insurance agents available, or that one type may be better suited for their needs than the other.  

What is the difference between captive and independent insurance agents?

Captive agents work with a single insurance product. They represent one insurance company and are paid by that company – whether by salary, commission, or both.

An independent agent, on the other hand, works with many insurance carriers. They can offer customers a wider variety of insurance options. Essentially, they provide a customized insurance buying experience that’s truly tailored to their client’s needs.

Why use a Cincinnati captive insurance agent?

You’ll find that most captive insurance agents sell insurance products from a single carrier like Allstate, Farmers and Nationwide. Since these agents are limited to selling the products of one company, they should know them well. That’s the biggest benefit of choosing a captive insurance agent. They can also be good choices for people who have never purchased a policy before.

What are the benefits of using a Cincinnati independent insurance agent?

Multiple options
Many people choose independent agents so they can compare the policies of various insurance carriers for the best rates and best coverage for their needs. With more flexibility and options, independent agents can also identify gaps in policies and find the additional coverage you require through other policies.

Objective advice
Since they represent multiple insurance companies, independent agents don’t have to be loyal to one carrier. This allows them to look at the insurance industry through a broader lens. With this knowledge, they can offer customers more choices to meet their needs.

To save money
One of the best reasons to choose an independent agent is for the best rates. Since they work with a variety of carriers, they can compare rates quickly to identify the best for every client, whether cost is the ultimate deciding factor or not. Usually, you can save quite a bit of money by going with an independent agent – especially if you bundle policies.

And to save time, too
It can be time-consuming to work with different captive insurance agents when you need to update your policies. You may even run the risk of forgetting who your agent is! If you choose an independent agent, you’ll only have to remember one name and one phone number.

Personalized service
Independent agents get to know you so they can find the best policies for you over a lifetime. They also know the local market. And if you must file a claim, there won’t be any waiting. Your agent can guide you through the claims process quickly.

Experienced agents
To be an independent insurance agent, you must understand current insurance trends and follow the industry closely. They can explain complicated, and sometimes confusing, insurance information in a way that customers can understand. They can also make sure that you’re getting the coverage you need, so you’re protected when you need protection the most.

Is Roehr an independent insurance services agency? We sure are! Our team is dedicated to offering our clients comprehensive, complete coverage. In fact, we can provide much more than most traditional insurance agencies can. Just take a look at our extensive list of carriers on our homepage to see how extensive our services truly are.

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