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April 5, 2023

Alvin Roehr leaves one of Cincinnati's largest insurance agencies to start his own firm

Our thanks to The Business Courier for the following article.

Alvin Roehr left his role as president of Schiff, Kreidler-Shell, one of Cincinnati's largest insurance agencies, five years ago to start his own firm.

Schiff, Kreidler-Shell had been acquired by Arthur J. Gallagher and Roehr opted to form the Roehr Insurance Agency. Now, he's generating powerful growth and has hired a sought-after account manager he believes will spur additional growth.

Roehr brought Carmine DiLonardo on board May 1 as a marketer and account manager. DiLonardo worked with Roehr at Schiff, Kreidler-Shell for almost 15 years. May 1 was the first day DiLonardo could make the move once his noncompete agreement expired. DiLonardo left Gallagher two years ago and joined Cincinnati Insurance. He had to wait two years to join Roehr.

"This guy is as big of a game-changer as I could have," Roehr said.
He and Jeff McCauley, a vice president at Roehr, give the firm two people with loads of experience who have handled big accounts, Roehr said.

"This gives us the resources to handle any deal that comes in," he said.
Roehr's Oakley agency now has 15 employees. It's grown to $2.5 million in revenue. The firm ranked as Greater Cincinnati's 14th-largest property and casualty insurance agency based on last year's revenues, according to Courier research.

Roehr expects booming growth, projecting revenue will grow by 50 percent this year. Much of that is based on the people he's adding. He has two more employees joining the firm in the next couple of months.
All of this growth comes at a time when many insurance agencies are selling to larger firms. Roehr went the other way and it's worked.
"We're kind of a dying breed, I guess, but one that people who have seen the other side want to come back to," Roehr said.

He spent almost 30 years with Schiff, Kreidler-Shell. He started his own firm to provide personalized service that he says is vanishing in the industry.

"We've bulked up our customer service so every time you call, you get us," he said.

The Roehr Agency sells a variety of insurance products covering home, life, business, long-term care and disability insurance among others.

Original article courtesy of The Cincinnati Business Courier.

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