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April 5, 2023

Roehr Insurance Agency selected one of Cincinnat's Best Places to Work

What an honor it is for our company, in its first decade of business to be chosen by the Cincinnati Business Courier as a 2017 Best Places To Work recipient.

While we cannot reproduce the Business Courier article on our site, we are able to include a Q&A between the publication and Roehr employees. It is as follows:

What word best describes your company's culture? Energizing. With the kind of enthusiasm our boss, Alvin, exudes it’s hard not to want to give him our very best every single day!

What are some of the special things you look for when hiring? Personality, sound character and an open mind. Anyone can be trained and taught the skills they need for a particular job, but many lack personal skills, so when you find one who has the whole package, you hang on to them.

How does your company leadership ensure all employees know they are valued? Alvin Roehr, the President and CEO, regularly takes the time to meet with each employee to discuss business, talk life and let them know how much he appreciates all they are doing.

What are some of the most popular perks you provide? We offer great benefits, we make sure our employees have an ample amount of PTO to spend relaxing and enjoying time with their families, and we try our best to make them feel special; whether that be by throwing a party for someone’s birthday or celebrating a special accomplishment, we like to have a good time!

What are some opportunities for career growth and development that you offer? We don’t want anyone to be stagnant in their job which is why Alvin believes it is important to hire young individuals who can grow and find their niche within the company because ultimately they are the future of the agency.

How do encourage employees to give back to the community? Alvin is extremely philanthropic within the community which is why asks his entire staff to contribute to the United Way cause. He also encourages his employees to attend such events as High Hopes, hosted by the Lindner Center, Stepping Stones Bloom event, The American Heart Association Heart Ball, among many others

How does being a Best Place to Work affect your bottom line? Obviously, everyone wants the title of “Best Place to Work”, but our philosophy is that we are never truly going to be our “best” because, if you can accept that statement, it means we won’t get too comfortable in our careers and feel that there isn’t any room for growth because there is always room for growth!

The full article may be accessed by Cincinnati Business Courier subscribers through the following link: Read article

Again, many thanks to the Business Courier AND to the best team in insurance, who each make The Roehr Agency "Roar!"

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