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April 7, 2024

Are you 30 years old or younger? If so, you still need health insurance.

Health insurance is often low on the priority list for people in their 20s and 30s. But even if you feel invincible and have yet to see a wrinkle or gray hair, you can still get sick or have a medical emergency.

Then there’s the issue of cost. Health insurance's monthly cost can make it tempting for younger adults to forego while building their savings or living paycheck to paycheck. But the adage is true: Health is wealth. And without health insurance, just one trip to the emergency room could set you back financially for months – or even years.

Not convinced? Keep reading. We’ll explain why you need health insurance.

Unforeseen medical emergencies
Even if you have yet to blow out 40 candles on your birthday cake, your health can still take a turn. Accidents, sudden illnesses, or unexpected health conditions can arise at any age, leading to substantial medical expenses. You may be burdened with excessive bills that can derail your financial stability without adequate health insurance.

Four life insurance myths busted

Preventive care and wellness
Regular check-ups, screenings, and vaccinations are critical components of preventive healthcare, helping detect potential health issues early and mitigate their impact.

Chronic health conditions
Diabetes, asthma, mental health disorders, and other chronic conditions can manifest early in life and require ongoing management. With health insurance, you can receive treatments and medications and see specialists to maintain your health.

Financial protection
Without insurance, a single medical emergency or serious illness could lead to significant financial strain, potentially forcing you to dip into savings or forgo essential medical care altogether. Health insurance serves as a safety net to help preserve your financial well-being.

It may be required by law
There is no longer a federal penalty for not having health insurance, nor is there a law requiring it in Ohio or Kentucky. But if you are considering a move to another state, it may be required.

If you need health insurance on a budget, consider finding an employer offering it as part of their benefits package. If you're in college, look for discounts available through the university, or choose a coverage plan that covers you in the event of an emergency or serious illness.

Sorting through your health insurance options can be confusing. The Roehr Insurance Services Agency team can help you choose the best insurance policy that will offer you protection and peace of mind without costing a fortune.

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